S. Bruce Coates
The Emerson By The Sea

“Jed Heller and The Providence Group conducted themselves with utmost professionalism, character, and integrity. We highly recommend them. ”

William H. Northwall
The Regency Lodge

“This is a long and bizarre story of my involvement intractably linked to a distressed hotel where there appeared to be no exit. Jed became the instrument leading to a solution… I have no idea what will happen next, but I am confident that Jed came as a gift from heaven, that he was well bred and educated, that he is the reincarnation of Peter Drucker, and I think we are going to be life-long friends. ”

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Nick Massa, Owner
Microtel Inn and Suites, Seneca lake , NY

“Jed Heller and The Providence Group came to us highly recommended. We brought them in as consultants for their expertise in human resources and team building, professional development and sales training. We are very pleased with their approach and they met our expectations in every area. I highly recommend them for their skill set and professionalism.”

John Dougherty, Vice President of Operations
Olshan Hotel Management, Inc

“I met Jed Heller over 25 years ago, while working for Winegardner and Hammons. Jed worked under my supervision as Assistant General Manager, and was later promoted to General Manager. Working closely with him over the years, I have seen how he is capable of performing. His skills as an operational professional are amongst the finest I have seen in my years in this industry. His abilities in sales and marketing are also of the same high quality. Jed’s work ethic, combined with his personality and character, make him a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail, high motivation, and competence as a leader are just a few characteristics that make him the quality manager that he is.”

“Furthermore, I have found Jed Heller to be very real and down to earth; he does not just deal with numbers, but is very sincere and personable when dealing with owners, employees, and customers. With my experience in the hospitality industry, I can truly say that this combination of qualities that Jed possesses is a rarity today. I, along with Olshan Hotel Management, Inc., have benefitted from these qualities and services. It has been my pleasure to have had Jed Heller work for me, and it is my hope that you can share this pleasure in the near future.”

Don Farrell, Chairman
Fresh Revenues

“I have known and worked with Jed for the last 22 years. He has come up through the ranks with Sheraton; been a General Manager for many brands; been a start up VPO for a 20 hotel company and was most recently partner of a small management company before starting his own venture here. What makes Jed unique, in my experience, is that he will only take on what he knows he can deliver for the owner. He will grow at the right pace versus one driven simply by his personal agenda and he talks and understands the lender and brand side. Jed can find and lead teams because they want to work for him, and he is driven to succeed for all parties involved. Too many management companies talk this game; Jed delivers the goods.”

H. Lohmann President
Mountainside Villas Owners Association

“As President of the Mountainside Villas Owners Association, a timeshare property in Massanutten, Virginia, I had the opportunity to work directly with Jed Heller (April 2002 – August 2004). During this period, he recruited, interviewed and recommended to the Board of Directors the hiring of a new General Manager.

Once the General Manager was selected, Jed was directly involved with her training and development as an efficient manager. This was accomplished by counseling through on-site visits, phone and e-mail. This greatly reduced the learning curve and made the manager more effective in a shorter period of time. Jed was able to pass on his personal experience and knowledge.

In site visits, Jed met with staff to discuss problems and resolve any potential difficulties. He has excellent communication skills and kept me, as President, advised of the operation of the property. At scheduled Board of Director’s meetings, Jed would brief the full board on the progress and management of the property.

It was a personal pleasure for me to work with Jed Heller.”

Peter O’Connor, Partner
First Highland

“As a partner in The March Company, Inc., a real estate investment company, I brought Jed Heller in to start the Hotel Acquisition and Operations subsidiary of our company. He far exceeded our expectations, writing operating manuals for every functional area of the hotel, setting up the accounting, and hiring the General Manager. In addition to these tasks, Jed recommended hotels to be acquired and arranged the financing. His instinct and talent in the hotel business resulted in his becoming accountable for the operational results of the over 2,000 hotel rooms we obtained. Jed is an outstanding operator, a quality individual, and a high-level performer.”